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Want carbs? Check out the bread basket

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I love food. that’s no secret although i don’t write about is as much as I’d like. Anywho, I got to thinking about bread today and while the store-bought stuff is ok there is no substitute for fresh baked bread.

It’s 100 degree time in AZ now so baking it in the house is out. That’s why we have The Bread Basket in Scottsdale located on the SW corner of Miller & Camelback Rd (in the shopping plaza where Sunflower Market and Zipps is).

Don’t know it? You need to. Check them out for their daily specials (some breads are only made on certain days and they run out. Fast!) and regular favorites like Honey Wheat and Spelt (my favorite).

Trust me.


Did somebody say nachos?

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I make nachos from time to time. Who doesn’t like nachos? Exactly.

On Monday night I made the best darned nachos in the history of me making nachos. Take that, restaurants.

Here’s how it went down.
1. Grill 2 chicken breasts with a salt/pepper/garlic rub
2. Lay out a thin layer of tortilla chips on a baking sheet.
3. sprinkle black beans, green chiles, diced jalapenos, cheddar cheese, and roasted tomatoes (from the can) on the chips.
4. add diced chicken.
5. add another layer of chips and repeat adding the other stuff.

Bake at 375-degrees for 30 minutes. Take them out, sprinkle chopped cilantro and avocado on top, and serve with guac and salsa.

Done. You’ll thank me later.

Mal and Erin’s 3rd Anniversary – Delicious

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I don’t know what else to tell you.

Today is our 3rd anniversary. We could have gone somewhere fancy. We could have gone somewhere that costs a lot for a decent meal. We could have done lots of things. But here’s what we did instead. AND IT WAS AWESOME!

Step 1: You cut a hole in the box… (oops. Wait, sorry. I’m way off.)

First thing:

We returned to The Westin Kierland Resort where, 3 years ago today, we got hitched. Erin and I brought a bottle of wine from one of our Napa trips and drank it while sitting in front of a lakeside/gold course facing firepit. Beautiful!

The wine was a Sangioviese/Cabernet blend from Goosecross Cellars in Napa Valley. It was outstanding. So we drank the whole bottle. Goosecross was one of our favorite vineyards when we went 2 years ago. The place is tiny and we went in the off season when nobody goes (Nov. to the end of February are perfect times to go). So we were in the tasting room at Goosecross with a gal who works there. And we were there for HOURS. She kept opening wine for us to try. And we obliged her by drinking it. Lots of it.

BTW, Kierland has a bagpiper that plays at sunset. Combined with the setting, the cool weather, the wine, and the fire pit, it was perfect. You can also bring your own wine out there. Ya just can’t drink it in the bar areas. Duh.

Second thing:

Once the wine was done we hopped in the car and headed a few miles up the road to In and Out Burger. Say what you want about $30 filets, etc. I’ll take an In and Out burger any day of the week. Erin had a cheeseburger (animal style) and fries. I had a double double and fries. Fantastic.

Third thing:

Nightcap? How does Coldstone sound to you. We drove back down to Kierland Commons and hit the Coldstone. The perfect way to end a fantastic night of talking, wine, remenising about our wedding and what liquor people drank in the ’80s, killer burgers, and a bag piper. It was a terrific anniversary.

Next year. Same thing. I hope.